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The Correct-Answer Website is the division of AOI which lists some basic questions in science
for which new answers are available.

Current list of Correct-Answer questions:

1. How old is the Universe?

2. How big is the Universe?

3. Is the Big Bang theory correct?

4. Where are heavy elements created?

5. Is it true that nothing can escape from a Black Hole, not even light?

6. Is the Universe really expanding?

7. Why do the Planets lie in a plane?

8. What is Equatorial Forcing?

9. Why hasn't nuclear-fusion energy come about?

10. What is Dark Matter, really?

11. What is Dark Energy, really?

12. Are human activities really causing Global Warming?

13. Is the Greenhouse Effect real?

14. What's inside Real Black Holes?

15. Are Neanderthals a different species to humans?

16. Did humans originate in Africa?

17. Were there other human species?

18. What makes humans different from higher apes?

19. Does everything give out electromagnetic radiation?

20. What was the Late Heavy Bombardment event?

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Last update 2017 Mar 12