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Current list of Extracts:

XT811. Planet Nine, Doorkeeper to the Oort Worlds.
"XT811 - Planet Nine, Doorkeeper to the Oort Worlds" is an extract from an
article about PLANET NINE and other bodies lying beyond
in the OORT CLOUD.

XT810. Kilogram Power Wheel & Torus.
"XT810 - Kilogram Power Wheel & Torus" is an extract from an
article about ENERGY STORAGE, especially on the
storage for the HOME.

XT809. The Greenhouse Effect does not exist.
"XT809 - The Greenhouse Effect does not exist" looks at mechanisms behind what is
thought of as the "Greenhouse Effect", and
shows that many are scientifically incorrect.

XT808. Global Temperatures.
"XT808 - Global Temperatures" is an extract from an article which shows what the concept of "temperature" means, and how measurements of temperatures on the Earth may be interpreted -- or misinterpreted. While the average surface temperatures on Earth may well be rising, there is no evidence that this is due to Man's activities, and even if these activities did cause warming, the amount would be completely lost compared to other variations.

XT807. The Concore Model of planet and star interiors.
"XT807: The Concore Model of planet and star interiors " is an extract from an article which gives a new picture of how the Earth began as an aggregation of interstellar matter, and how it has evolved into its current layered structure of Core, Mesolayer, Mantle and Crust.

XT806. What is Equatorial Forcing?
"XT806: What is Equatorial Forcing?" is an extract from an article about
how solar systems are built from interstellar matter ("Oort Soup").
Once a central sun is built up, Equatorial Forcing is the
mechanism by which planets and other bodies within the sun's gravitational
reach are gradually forced into the sun's equatorial plane of rotation.

XT805. What's inside Real Black Holes?
"XT805: What's inside Real Black Holes" is an extract from an article about
how the components of the Universe are recycled. Individual galaxies, stars,
and planets each go through their individual cycles of birth, development, and
death. The result is that the Greater Universe, infinite in time and space, keeps
the same very-large-scale structure even as its components are recycled.

"XT804: Heavy Elements are made in Planets, not Stars" is an extract from an article about the structure of the Earth. It gives evidence and logic supporting the view that heavy elements (those with atomic weights greater than that of Iron) are made within planets, at the margins of neutron-rich planetary cores.

"XT803: Checklist -- Tools of Matrix Thinking" is a listing of questions and logical checks which might be used in analyzing a situation.

"XT802: Migration -- All Things Pass" is a short extract about the problems and ultimate outcomes of migrants moving into a western country.

"XT801: South of the River" is a short allegory about how people in one precinct feel about a neighbouring precinct, and about living under the same flag with them, or maybe splitting with them and letting the two precincts function independently.

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